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ITI Yoga is a team of yoga exponents and dream come-true project. Iti yoga enables the people to lift their existing life style into a better lifestyle through its various classical and modern blended unique Yogic techniques with certified and experienced Yogic masters.

The acronym “ITI” proclaims an “INTEGRAL TRANSFORMATION OF AN INDIVIDUAL” (ITI) to a better existence. Iti yoga offers various classical and trendy modernized yoga sessions for all categories of the people in the society. People can avail the optimum benefits of Yoga by opting for Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Dynamic yoga, Rhythmic yoga, Astanga yoga, corporate yoga and Therapeutic yoga etc, based on their requirements.

Mindfulness to Meditation to Manifestation Webinar on International Day of Yoga 2020

Neha Racca Webinar on International Yoga Day 21 June 2020

Neha Racca is conducting this free webinar on 21st June 2020, the International Day of Yoga, at 5 PM IST.

You can register for this webinar by filling out this Google form https://forms.gle/U7Ko5hFg6xdVFZnh7

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It was a blissful one

I have had a few yoga teachers before Ms Neha Racca BUT she inculcated in me a passionate love for yoga.
Her one hour class was always too short for me  ( I even thought that the class clock was going too fast!!). I  came out with a thirst of wanting to know more , be it the theory or the practice part .

Moreover, Teacher Neha was always eminating a positivity that would make me speechless.  Between the asanas , she managed to share a bit of yoga spirit.

For the asanas , she would always correct our postures and I enjoyed the way she lead her pupils ,mostly not so Young adults , into a disciplined class.

The apotheosis of my yoga experience with her came when I spent 3 days in a yoga retreat lead by her . It was a blissful one .

I wish that she could come back again to be our teacher but I also know that I must share her with those who do not know her yet.

She is the best yoga teacher I ever had in my life, even physically  far away , she continues to be spiritually with us.

Christine Tsang Mang Kin

I was more than happy to join

This was my first yoga/meditation retreat, which I wanted to do in Nepal since 5 years But when finally I got to do it with Neha in my own country (Mauritius), I was more than happy to join.

The retreat was an occasion from which I expected to gain some more insight into myself and to cultivate my patience and tolerance towards others. From it, I got to meet new people and the sharing of experience was a fruitful one, since all those present during the retreat came with a common objective, i.e. to reconnected with oneself and to tune in with nature.

The most amazing part was the early morning yoga sessions, the contemplation of sunrise and the experience of living with no electricity and with strict minimum just to fulfil basic needs. That was all that was needed and this brought me an inner peace which all the comforts of daily life cannot bring.

I Thank Neha Ji for all the teachings n tecniques to have a better lifestyle.


Daisy Tatur

WOW!  I will say she was born to be in Yoga

I have always heard and read about Yoga and watched a few TV programs too but never actually got a Teacher until I met Neha Racca.  Unfortunately for me, I could only attend hobby classes at that time.   However, I have had glimpses of her practice of advanced postures, WOW!  I will say she was born to be in Yoga.

Young, intelligent, knowledgeable, energetic, motivated, passionate, full of life, wise, gifted, generous, cheerful, kind hearted, determined, open minded YET disciplined and rigorous.  Neha taught us how to practice Yoga principles daily be it at work or in our personal life, how to exercise our body as well as our mind.

Thank you Neha.

Hemlatha Jalabhay

Thank you for teaching more in YOGA PHILOSOPHY

It was a real great opportunity to have you as YOGA TEACHER.

Thank you for teaching more in YOGA PHILOSOPHY.

With much love and passion being genuinely intimate with the person before.

Knowing that person, being professional while keeping joy and fun.

keep it up.

NEHA you made it more than YOGA classes for me, and I learned a lot.

Thank you for the knowledge, love, support and continuous motivations.

love from



Thank you Neha for bringing Yoga into my life

I had the opportunity to attend one day workshop conducted by Neha. The workshop was very informative, eye-opening and engaging. It was a very profound experience. A day full of inspiration and self awareness for me.

Thank you Neha for bringing Yoga into my life. Thank you for your teachings and inspiration for me to keep on studying about the wonderful world of Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle.


I wish u all love n blessings to continue the path of yoga to spread around the world.

Loveena Armoogan

Neha is the best Yoga Teacher.

Neha is the best Yoga Teacher.

Her knowledge, passion and love of Yoga is ever present in her teachings. One always leaves her class the richer in knowledge and awareness. She gives us a real feel for Yoga and challenges us with different postures. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. I deeply appreciate the manner in which Neha designs her classes. For me each class is a form of yoga poetry. Whenever I leave her classes, I feel spiritually “polished” as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer.

She is I think one of the most naturally gifted person I’ve ever met. Her ability to cover all aspects of human nature is quite astonishing. She has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other.

Consistent and regular practice at her yoga classes has benefited me greatly. Not only are the classes a great physical workout (which I really love) but the philosophical and spiritual aspects are also very valuable. Each class is a perfect balance of challenging asanas/sequences that leaves my body feeling energized and accomplished and my mind feeling calm and peaceful.

I shall always be grateful.

God Bless.

Lovena Mooroogan

Learning Yoga with Neha ji has been a truly exhilarating experience

Learning Yoga with Neha ji has been a truly exhilarating experience.
The two years of practice of Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas has brought steady and gradual improvement in my physical and mental abilities.
Needless to say that her theory classes were very lively and interactive.
Many people have practiced Yoga up to the highest level but not all of them have the prerequisite qualities to become a good teacher.
Neha ji knows how to transmit the love and passion of Yoga to her students. The turnout was a testimony of the high quality of her classes

In short she is a gem of a Teacher and would recommend to join her yoga workshops and retreats to all.
Looking fwd to learn more in future with her.



Think positive, don’t overthink,

Hello Neha ji
I came to know Neha ji as a yoga teacher at the IGCIC, Mauritius in April 2016 at a moment of my life when i was entangled in my thought and wasn’t happy. I was totally ignorant in yoga. Like many who think it’s only asanas. I enrolled in the biginner’s yoga course with her then certificate and then diploma as well as meditation and relaxation course.
In asanas classes she is excellent she knows every student limit and she gradually pushes them to their best. I started loving and enjoying my life.
In fact the theory classes -yamas niyamas etc and how to apply it in everyday’s life were very beneficial to me. She is very convincing. she clears all your doubts and shows you how to live a yogic life, to be balanced, to have good thoughts and to enjoy life. She is very professional. She is very focus, and outstanding in her performance. A role model.
You can trust her with all your problems, she will advise you and find a solution for you. I admire her and respect her a lot.
In meditation classes i remember she always said when your mind get diverted hold on to your breath it is your anchor. In my life I hold on to her teachings as my anchor. Think positive, don’t overthink, let go of negativity and negative people, connect with nature and you are happy. Simple isn’t it?

Thanks Neha ji

Ravin Salabee

Love you and miss you dear Neha

I had the opportunity to practice yoga with Neha in Mauritius. Despite having done yoga in multiple countries, with multiple teachers, and since many years, Neha was correcting many of my basic postures. She does it in a way, step by step that you can’t ever do these basic asanas wrong again.
She instills a love, motivation and discipline in her students with her skill and passion.
Neha has this uncanny ability to take you through a spiritual journey without you even realizing it. Her instructions and teachings are simple yet extremely effective. The tranquility I have felt after her classes is indescribable. Despite having left Mauritius she is still a part of my life. Her ongoing guidance and support are invaluable. A real guru, anyone would be extremely lucky to follow her in a class. Love you and miss you dear Neha.


Anika Naeem

You shall reside in my heart and in my life FOREVER

Dearest Neha Mam,

I just want to say that if today I am living a yogic life, its all thanks to Neha Mam.

I started this journey 3 years ago and what I can say is that I got the best Guru to teach me, to show me, and to guide me through YOGA.

Not only practically but also daily applications throughout the way of living.

She showed us how to apply yoga in our everyday life and on each and every stages of life.

She enlightened our thinkings, our behaviours and our way of living for the best through Yoga.Today I cannot imagine my life without yoga and all my gratitude goes to Neha Mam.

Really Shiva sent her to teach people and she’s so far the best Guru I’ve been through.

You shall reside in my heart and in my life FOREVER.


Goonea Navin Vishal

Words won’t be enough to express our gratitude

Dear NehaJi,

We have been lucky 🍀 to have you as our teacher. Thank You 🙏🏻 for showing us the path of Yoga and its benefits to mankind. We are grateful to The Lord for sending you to our country to spread this precious, ancient knowledge of Sages .You have guided us and you have been such an inspiration in your personality. Your patience, your words, your smile, your encouragement, your constant joviality…. Words won’t be enough to express our gratitude 🙏🏻. Stay Blessed .
With warm greetings and blessings from one of your senior students,


Kiran - Rose-Hill, Mauritius.

So happy to share my experience


I was very lucky and ever so thankful to have benefitted from practice and theory classes from Neha Maa’m for two years. She did an amazing job of imparting the thousands-years old philosophy and practice of yoga in a very friendly and modern-day relatable way. My insights, my way of looking at life and my physical fitness have definitely changed for the better after experiencing yoga the ‘Neha-way’!
So happy to share my experience with all and recommend her workshops.



She makes us a better being to serve others

Heartfelt thanks to Neha Maa’m, for her unconditional love..her patience..her dedication towards her yoga students..I am doing my practice since 2009 and I got more intense and in depth of it in her classes. Her practical as well as theory classes are very special. Theory classes were always awesome and it was taught in a practical way which got me closer to MYSELF by contemplating on whatever was taught…I did not have any knowledge of the Sutras…Introduction of the sacred Sutras in the class is now a direction given to us in life..She supported me in my troubles, uplifted me..sometimes it was harsh..and pushy..but it worked out for the best of me..She gave me a glimpse of how to love in a detached way.. and how to love the self.. and today am on that way of progress…The smiling face..the fun loving person you are have brought so many of us together…have brought many friends in our life…the way she says it..Yoga binds us…and that’s what you left for us before going back to your place.. keep sharing the love and knowledge everywhere and make us a better being to serve others..🙏

Lots of love and warm hugs to you..

Hansa Chakouri, Mauritius